Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Eat all over Eastern Singapore~ Part 2

Day 4
Saturday was the day I were to bring a few paintings for re-framing. Reached Katong and the shop was closed. Drove to Joo Chiat and the shop wouldn't open till an hour later. Off we went for Beach Road Prawn Mee in Katong. Why its still called Beach Road Prawn Mee when its in Katong? Well many establishments tend to name their shop after the street they started with and bring it around so that hopefully their customers will remember and follow them.

We went to get the paintings framed after the meal before going home. After a short rest off we went to Parkway and Kallang Park for more errands. Late noon was spent in the pool. I love the pool. It's really a joy to swim in Singapore, especially after finishing the errands. Then I brought D to play basketball at the nearby C.C. My childhood playground and here I am again~

Dinner was prepared on one floor and pushed to another floor on a trolley. I'm very happy with the dining table which can be extended from 1.4 metres to 1.8 metres or even 2.2 metres. We had the table at 1.8 metres and 8 of us managed to sit quite comfortably. Hopefully I will be able to open it up till 2.2 metres and seat everyone together for a good reunion dinner next year...

After dinner time was split between the 2 floors trying to squeeze as much family time in as possible. And soon it was time for supper at the prata joint downstairs~ More prata and teh tarik before we turn in for the night~

Day 5
Sunday morning~ Where do we go for breakfast? Katong Laksa! Throw in a few otak to go with it~

After a glorious meal, took a walk further down towards Still Road where we can find quite a few pre-war shophouses. This area is also famous for Peranakan food. We promptly made a reservation for dinner.

After walking around the new place looking at a few new apartments, we went back to the swimming pool for more action under the water. Managed to take a few shots underwater with the Sony TX5. Pretty impressive little camera.

Washed up and went back to Katong for our Peranakan dinner. SGD90 for a party of 7. Surprisingly it wasn't as spicy as I first thought. I'm glad everyone enjoyed the meal.

Ended up at Joo Chiat Complex trying to get a table cloth for my long dining table but ended up with cushions for the entertainment room.

Day 6

Woke up early for our appointment in Mt E Hospital. Its always sunny in Singapore...

After the hospital stuff were dealt with I finally have a chance to visit Ion Orchard. Took me less than 5 minutes to leave that place... felt too much like any mall in HK.

I preferred to have a nice local meal at Old Airport Road again. Had a great big bowl of wanton noodle($4) and Fried Kway Teow again.

Went back home, settled a few stuffs before we started the dreaded trip back to HK... I love the idea of having trees in the airport and an outdoor smoking area instead of a room within the building.

Hours later we were back in HK... Well... at least we were happy to see the pups!

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