Sunday, May 16, 2010

Recently... all my health troubles...

Been a few days since my last post. Since my last post, I've visited a famous Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) @ Tsing Yi (in front of Pizza Hut) for a cure to my problematic tummy. The queue at 6pm was nearly 20 people strong. It was nearly 8pm when it was my turn.

No registration at the counter required here. I told him nothing more than my name and my mobile phone number. I placed my hands on the table for the master to feel my pulse and also showed him my tongue. I thought to myself "Is he senile or what? I haven't told him my problems!" Guess what... he told me my problems!

Problem tummy. Fleeting headaches. Sore shoulders. Wow... He gave me a prescription and told me to skip the cold stuffs... *sobs*

Following the prescription I took 2 bowls of chinese medicine overnight and gotten a headache so bad I nearly fainted at work the following day. Just made it home to lie down on the bed. Anxious calls from friends and family found the answer to the cause of the near-coma. It is not uncommon for TCM to cause the headache/dizziness/drowsiness. I didn't realise the sewage-lookalike concoction of chinese herbs could have such an effect.

So how do I feel now? Tummy seems better... hopefully I can control myself and avoid the cold drinks. The headache is gone altogether so thats another good thing. Perhaps I should visit him again this coming Thursday... There wouldn't be so many people queueing up if it ain't working, no?

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