Sunday, June 6, 2010

3 presentations, 2 papers and 1 exam later~

Well... not exactly. The 2 papers will be due next weekend but I've more or less completed individual piece (probably left a bit of touch-up) and I already have the materials ready for the other team paper. This must have been the most hectic 3 weeks of my studies in recent history. The last time I got so messed up was 4 years back when I got to complete a final team project individually because I was here in HK. That was mayhem... programming, documentation and all those project management stuffs meant for a team of 5-6 completed by 1 person. Obviously didn't do too well then... Another semester completed, 9 subjects cleared and 6 more to go. On schedule to complete by this Dec~

Pace at work seems to be picking up pace as well. 4 more branch offices to be opened in central China. Thankful they are small offices. But I might decided to visit one of the offices just to see what it is really like in central China. Good exposure~

The recent trip to Shanghai, Shenzhen and HK offices seems to have an effect on the boss in Kyoto. Heard of many new initiatives involving IT and Logistics since he returned to HQ. Either he realised he's been losing sight of what's going on in the world outside Japan or he really learnt something good during his trip. Whatever the case, its definitely going to add onto our workload since he got a load of dimwits working under him. It's never enough to have a good leader, you also need good NCOs to complete the tasks. Eisenhower didn't win the war in Europe. Neither did Patton or many other generals. It was the people fighting on the frontlines.

Oh well... Anyone going to make a guess where the next conflict zone will be? Gaza? Korea? Thailand? Wildcards?

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