Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Let me get this straight...

If someone somewhere wants to deliver an A-bomb to N.Korea, all that person needs to do is declare its trip one of humanitarian and go unopposed? The ship sails from China and enters international waters. As a S.Korean, I suspect that an A-bomb is on board, gave warning for the vessel to sail away and boarded after repeated warnings went unheeded.

I board, get attacked and retaliate. And then China says it won't be talking me anymore because some activists died (Who killed them?). And the whole world attacks me because I attemped to board a humanitarian ship.

Really... what kind of humanitarian ship was that? Provocative. How many ships does American troops board in one day? Should crew from one of these ships attack them, what will happen? The headlines will probably read like this "Americans attacked by terrorists at sea!"

Turkey's role in all of this is a bit suspicious... And the UN starts condemning Israel immediately in the aftermath. UN... never moves... until something hits the fan... shit... Can't wait for another S.Korean vessel to be sunk by a torpedo and China to veto whatever UN wants to impose on N.Korea...

What is the UN's role in this world anyway? They are like the bosses of a few companies coming together for a cup of tea but never really interested in getting business done... They can't get Israel to stop the blockade, can do nothing about rockets flying into Israel and only came out with mouth power after the so-called humanitarian ship was stopped.

From what I have seen on videos, the actions by the IDF were in self-defence. And the IDF were holding paintball guns (+sidearms with live ammo) when they boarded the ship. The activists were the ones who struck first. Were there any rockets or bombs on the ships?

As of now, the whole world is at fault here.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Conspiracy Conspiarcy, nuclear bombs and paint ball guns.

"Benjamin, we have a nuclear armed flottilla heading to wipe out the Jewish State" "OH NO, send in the the men in black balaclavas with the paint ball guns"

Some how I think it doesn`t hold up. Whatever happened who hit who with what clouds the picture. The state of Israel is treating the people of Palestine much like animals, day after day.

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