Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Roy Hodgson - New Liverpool Manager

It's probably best to get someone who speak the language and knows the culture. Hopefully he will bring in more English youngsters into the team. The problem with English football is the lack of first team opportunities for the youngsters. At this rate we will not see an English team competing in the next edition of the WC.

Some of the blame must go to those players themselves. Sometimes their asking price is so high that it will be more affordable to recruit from other countries. Hopefully a manager will be smart enough to recruit all the fringe players and turn them into a winning unit... Unlikely to happen given the amount of money at stake should they fail to retain their Premiership status...

New 2010-2012 home and away jerseys from Liverpool is available on their online store now. I like the home version but not so much into the away with that v-collar...

WC quarter-finals coming up! This should be an interesting weekend!

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