Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Should I be so amazed?

Otherwise I would not be found standing in front of a food stall, waiting for my food, and staring at this caucasian man who was dressed in Bermudas + t-shirt, eating fried oyster egg w/ chopsticks, reading a Dan brown novel. All this while shaking his crossed leg and taking occasional sip of sugar cane juice. He was more Singaporean than I've been in the last 5 years but reading a novel in a hot, oily and noisy hawker centre put him in a separate class.

The localized ang moh (hokkien dialect equiv of gwailo) raise more eyebrows than a Chinese eating hotdog in a baseball stadium. Or perhaps it has already become a common sight in Singapore and I'm just a foreigner in my own country...

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"Just Me" said...

I think some expats embrace the local life and some not.

I have a UK fren, apart from his brit accent, is an utterly sg convert with the t-shirt + berms, eating at hawkers, buying food at wet market believe it or not! He banters with the aunties, and knows more local spots than I do.
He loves it here more than his hometown UK....much more than i can say for some sgporeans who does nothing but bitch abt sg all day long.

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