Sunday, July 4, 2010

The best week in a long long time!

For a start, blue skies and white clouds! Now can someone come up with a reason for the clear skies and a solution to keep it this way? I'm quite sure some of you out there don't appreciate the heat but i'll choose this over pollution anyday. But even with the clear skies, the pollution level at street level in places like mong kok and wanchai remain unbreathable. Too many vehicles, too many tall buildings, not enough clear spaces and trees.

At work I'm enjoying the workload. It seems weird but being made to work at 120% as opposed to 60% kind of keeps me looking forward to work. This will definitely make my last half year in this company fruitful and memorable. What am I gonna do after that? A break... The first real break in like 7 years without a phone which my company can reach me. A railway trip all over japan? Well I would love to but I got a bigger bigger life mission to fulfill and any overseas trip will have to wait till mid 2011. Perhaps I can start my own business before that railway trip is possible. Give myself a 3-4 month opportunity to strike it out on my own.

This week also taught me that the WC is a farce. Nothing like the WWE whereby the actors know that the audience know they are acting, the WC have actors who act knowing that the world knows nothing about their script. 180lb athletes falling over themselves for nothing? Star strikers running around the field like donkeys? Another WC another knowledge. Still learning new things every year~ the WC is for countries to boost their economy. Kim must have won a lot buying a 7-0 scoreline in that match against Portugal.

The pups are doing great. 10 months with us and the boy is a natural at using the toilets. The girl is still a bit of a work in progress but at least shes stopped peeing on the bed so its in the right direction... We have a 1:2 toilet ratio for dogs and 2:1 ratio for humans. Basically 2 toilets for every dog and 1 toilet for 2 human occupants. Now that MIL is here with us we have a 3:1 ratio for humans... To rectify this imbalance I might impose a cross usage rule. You know... Dogs use human toilets and humans use dog toilets.... Then it will be at least 1 toilet for every occupant! I'm a genius!

Here's to another week of blue skies~


"Just Me" said...

I love the blue skies too!!! I was worried abt the humidity when i was on way back and plesantly surprised by the cear blue skies, and windy days! Let's enjoy the good spell while it last! and congrats on the toilet trained "kiddos" :)

Joyce Lau said...

I agree with you. I will take clean and hot any day, over dirty and cool.

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