Thursday, July 29, 2010

My 1st MacBook Pro... presently sitting somewhere in Pudong International Airport according to TNT's tracker. With it an 8Gb iPod Touch which I can claim rebate for because I'm a student in UST. It's a good deal to be a student these days... free Universities wifi, student-pricing for my 15" MacBook Pro and the free iPod Touch. I will miss my Student Card...

Never ready to jump onto the Mac bandwagon until recent years. Ability to run Windows, i5 chip for the latest range of 15" MBP and my recent purchase of the iPad changed all that. But the real reason why I got a new Mac/PC is because I'm preparing to leave the company and I've not had to buy my own laptop for the past 5 years.

There's a HP desktop/notebook ownership program coming up for UST... Hopefully I can get a good deal on a small tower desktop for N. Maybe a notebook for S as well...

Since I'm going to get my hands on a MBP soon, should I get another Windows desktop/notebook? I think I should... But I'm not sure why... Is it just insecurity or the fact that the world is still dominated by Windows applications? Wait... I don't have room for a desktop in my new place... Aw Shucks!

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Reddie said...

oh that's so nice. I'm toying with the idea of buying a MacBook Pro too, but a little put off by the price, weight and the unknown factor of how a different experience it would be from a Windows machine.

I was so taken aback when I realise my iphone wasn't able to send photos and mp3 by bluetooth with other devices! made me realise how closed-up this Apple systems are. No one else seems to bother much...guess few people of my clique send things by BT around much.

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