Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Today is a special day!

I was in Yau Ma Tei this afternoon. I stood under the sun for 20 mins, waiting for my ride in my suit. It felt so good when i got into the air-conditioned comfort of the car. Along Nathan road it was 40degC according to the car's thermometer. Is there another savvy name to call the gadget that measures exterior temperature? No the heat wasn't the special thing...

Next stop TST, had HKD20 wanton noodles. Big wanton and chewy noodles. quite a good value meal for 20. But that wasn't the special thing as well... Well. It's far from special! It's been giving me a tummy ache since!

Next stop Grand Center @ TST. Many specialist clinics. I was here 2 years back with my heart disease scare which turned out to be bad gastric... This time, coincidentally, we were headed for the clinic immediately opposite the cardiac specialist clinic. it's for a totally different mission. It's not just me this time. It really involves the whole line...

A test and a nervous wait later, the result was a positive! Somehow we both already felt it beforehand that it was going to be a positive! Somehow made the 20mins wait worth it and justified. But now the journey has only begun... Rest, care and nutritious for the next 8+ months will be crucial.

An e-mail to my sis, a call to my mum and godfather before a good Chinese dinner with Peking duck! When I next checked my e-mail, my sis informed me that my mum struck lottery in SG and had gone hysterical. A quick call to her revealed that godfather struck even more!... And confirmed that my mum had reach atmospherical highs~

7-7-2010... What a nice day... 15-3-2011... I'll be marking this date down~


"Just Me" said...

congrats! I take it your status will change in 8 months time...not to menion your sleep cycle!

WhiteDuskRed said...

O yes! I can't wait for the status change to come!

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