Monday, July 26, 2010

Visitors in your own country...

Recently I have many classmates visiting Singapore. With friends, with spouse and with families. Of my group of close friends in UST, 5 decided on trips overseas and 4 chose Singapore while 1 went to Taiwan. Now I will believe whatever they say about the IRs bringing tourism money to Singapore...

1 returned while another 3 will be there during the National Day weekend. So far the feedback has been good from the one who has returned. He went with his wife and parents, and stayed at Studio M Hotel. The food was great, Universal Studio was fun, everything changed since his last visit many years ago. The only drawback was the sun... although they appreciated the blue skies. Many wanted to visit the SkyPark on the Marina Bay Sands resort. I would love to stay there for a night and take a dip on the rooftop pool overlooking the bay area.

But my Facebook is not exactly filled with postcard photos taken by foreigners. It is filled by my Singaporean friends who decided to play tourists in their own country. Just this morning I got updates of photo albums with titles like "Tourist in my own country", "Zoo", "Tourist for a day", "Being a tourist in my own country"... Is there a visit Singapore for Singaporean promotion drive that I don't know about?

I'm not really complaining. I love the photos of the zoo, Sentosa, the new IRs, little India and Chinatown. And I'm sure only the best pictures were uploaded to FB for everyone to see.

I'm just disappointed that they didn't upload more pictures of Singapore food... ;p~


Razlan said...


I moved to Hong Kong from Singapore about a year ago. Discovered your blog about a week back, been reading your new updates since then. Loving it. Can identify with many of your sentiments.

So you miss Singapore food eh? Here are some photos... if you scroll back far enough you'll see shots of food consumed by yours truly at kopitiam, lau pa sat, lucky plaza and the like.

Keep the updates coming! :)

WhiteDuskRed said...

Hi Razlan~

Thanks for dropping by and thanks for the pictures of food!

You are definitely on my read list~


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