Monday, August 23, 2010

The future of Singapore soccer

The beautiful yet incredibly short journey of the cubs in the YOG soccer tournament came to an end last night, losing 0-2 to Haiti. But even though they lost, they should hold their heads up knowing they showed support sportsmanship, determination and a never-say-die spirit that's been missing from the senior team since the days of Fandi, Sundram and Nazri Nasir.

Yes, it was a goalkeeping mistake again... but even England keepers are capable of such mistakes. So for a 14, 15-year-old playing in front of a massive crowd it was really not a crime. Hey, I'm sure he wasn't paid millions of dollars like those Premier League players.

But I was heartened most by the display from fellow Singaporeans. Even though the cubs lost, there were only words of encouragement from my friends and Singaporeans on Facebook and forums. Ok... perhaps not everyone were so positive but those with negative comments are negative about everything under the sun...

Why is this team so different from the senior team? For a start, they showed pride in the national colors, shaking off knocks and going after every ball. And if I am not wrong, the team consisted of players from the 4 major races in Singapore. Born and bred in Singapore, with half the team from the Singapore Sports School, this can only be good for the development for soccer in Singapore.

Hopefully this team can be kept together for a long time, and someone better find a way to keep them together during NS...

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