Monday, August 9, 2010

Singapore Zoo vs. Night Safari

Whenever I get questions about the Night Safari in Singapore, I will ask if the Day Zoo will be part of the itinerary. And more often than not, the answer will be a flat "NO". The reason(s) for not visiting the day zoo?

1. "The Night Safari is something you can't find everywhere/in HK."

2. "We have the Day Zoo in HK as well."

3. "It's too hot."

I can never understand why people visit Universal Studios or Disneylands all over the world and can tell that they are different, but decided that zoos are the same the world over.

I sincerely believe that if you've never been to San Diego Zoo, or any of the top zoos in the world, then you should mark out 3 hours for a walk around the Singapore Zoological Gardens before the Night Safari. It is one of the top zoos in the world not just because of its conservation efforts but also the way it design the enclosures. The open concept behind the enclosure design makes you feel as if you are in the forest itself.

By the way, anyone out there ever visited HK zoo?

And finally, to my fellow Singaporeans from around the world, a happy 45th National Day~


Nomad said...

Haaa haaa I will be frank. I am not the Zoo person... so I belong to the group of ignorants that most DAY zoos are about the same. I mean, how many times I have to see Monkeys, lions, seals and all. I confess, I tend to take Zoo out of my schedule.

However Aquarium is a completely differently thing. because the sealife is sooo diverse in diff places, and fascinating, I would make an effort to visit the aquarium every place i go.

But u are rite, Singapore does have one of the better zoos esp nite safari. I dunno why people keep bitching about the heat.We are not in goddamn phoenix that soars above 40degrees. Plus, It's not really that bad at nite.

i cannot rem the last time I went to the day zoo in sg. I only rem the green coated polar bear. Haaaa haaa haaaa. Is Ah Meng even still alive ?

WhiteDuskRed said...

I think Ah Meng passed away a few years ago. Had a bit memorial for her.

If I have a bit of free time I might spend a day to do a picnic at the zoo. Quite a nice environment with tree shades and all~

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