Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Youth Olympic Games and bowling...

Lots of noise in the air with the ongoing Youth Olympics in Singapore. Overbudget, hiccups, mess-ups and a whole lot of other things. I never expected the games to be a roaring success from the start. Frankly speaking, who will be interested in watching 14-18 y.o. battle it out on the basketball courts 3-on-3?

I'm kind of disappointed that bowling is not part of the games. I'm really into bowling and I think its the kind of game whereby the smaller nations will have a good chance. Bowling is a game which tends to favor the rich nations because bowling infrastructures and equipments are costly.

So what happens to the poorer and small nations like Bhutan? They have only one 4-lane bowling alley in the entire country... Talented players may not make it to the alley as often as they want. And at USD1-2/game its not really cheap for the average household. Definitely hard to compete with richer countries like SG, HK, Malaysia and the Middle East.

I'm also a bit disappointed that I've yet to find any YOG coverage on HK TV. It's supposed to be on CableTV but I've yet to see it. The only time I caught it was on CCTV5, when I was having lunch in Shenzhen yesterday. There's a siginificant Chinese contingent in Singapore and it shows in their coverage. China is really showing the rest of the world how support for its youth and sports should be done...

Personally I think the bid for the YOG was a good decision. It's much needed practise for organizing a large scale sports event and Singapore kids sure need to get more excited about sports than their PSPs.

Hey... this banner below is the least I can do for my country~

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