Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 3 alone with the pups...

... also D-2 to being all alone. Pups flying off on Thursday. Packed and got ready to send their toys and bed to Singapore this morning. They've been sleeping on the bed with me but I wait till the last minute before I send the package out because they will miss the toys.

As I sent them into their individual cage, I took the 2 bags and went out of the house. A second before I stepped out of the house the girl started making some noise. She's usually the quieter of the 2 but she starting howling louder and louder. Soon after the boy followed suit and gave a long loud howl as well. They must have thought that I was abandoning them and bringing all their toys and beds away with me! Why in the world would I want to leave home with their stuffs?! But of course they are only poodles and won't know that~

I was already out of the house and waiting for the lift when I decided to go back into the flat. The howling stopped the moment they saw me. They didn't ask to come out like how they do whenever I get back from work. They just sat their in their cages, relieved that I was standing there. I put both of them together in one cage, gave them some snacks before I sneaked out of the place with the 2 bags. No noise this time...

I guess it was really cruel to put them in separate cages but they must get used to it because they got a long journey on Thursday... 12 hours on a long journey to a new country... I think I will be left howling once I send them away... *sobs sobs*

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