Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy birthday to me~

Another birthday in HK... hopefully the last one in HK...

This year is a bit different compared to the last 5 birthdays. This time I know when I will go back to Singapore. The plan is already in motion and this morning the 1st member of our family in HK will go back, followed by another 2 on Thursday, leaving me here alone until end December when I finish my studies @ HKUST and collect my 13th month.

And compared to the last 5 birthdays, I received so much more from this birthday. I'm not talking about presents, which I received... none... but care, concern and love from all around me. I got many messages on MSN and Facebook. I got a surprise birthday cake during a work dinner last week. I got a sparkling light-up made-in-China device that threatened to blow up in my face after another dinner on Friday. Then on Saturday my classmates bought a brownie from the uni cafe, managed to find a candle and sang me the birthday song in the middle of the uni cafe.

All being said, I don't feel any regret about leaving HK. Life is a long journey, the world is small and we will always have Facebook to keep us connected. This birthday marks the end of a chapter and the beginning of another.

As I was chatting with the M couple on the way back from the airport this morning, I remarked to him that we don't need to work 9-6 for 5 days a week. I notice that many people don't even do anything except chit-chat from 4-6. So why waste the electricity? Why not just make it 9-4? Frankly speaking I don't mind taking a 25% paycut for more time with my family. Or even better why not make it a 4-day week with Wednesday a day off? 20% paycut but a 2-day semi-week sounds wonderful to me!

Maybe I should start looking for a company that employs such a policy... if not, I should start my own company and make it a company policy. Crazy as it sounds I think it will be more productive!


Gweipo said...

want to talk to my husband's company about your suggestions! I'd be happy if they just let him be at home during weekends ...

WhiteDuskRed said...

Tell you what, I'll work your husband's share in Singapore. That should be enough to keep him in HK and solves my problem of finding a job in SG~ ^^

"Just Me" said...

Hey happy belated birthday!!! Glad u had a good time and i was laughing at the "made-in china" device almost blowing up in your face..funny...that is because it didnt blow up in your face I suppose!

Good to know u are moving back to sg...i look fwd to the day I move back too! Though I really cannot stand the mosquitoes in SG! I forgot how bothersome they are! So u will be all alone in Hk till end of the year? Will your course be over by then?

WhiteDuskRed said...

Alone till the end of the year. And just when I thought I could get a mileage ticket for 40k miles, Cathay need 50k-70k for the year end period! Crazy!

My course will finish in mid-Dec and convocation somewhere in May. I will save myself some money by not appearing for the convocation~~~

Razlan said...

"Life is a long journey, the world is small and we will always have Facebook to keep us connected."

I love this phrase. Happy belated birthday. It is the end of a chapter for you, but it's still the beginning for me.

WhiteDuskRed said...

Hi Raz,

Thanks for visiting again~ We are always at a certain stage of our life story. I hope I've not even reached the halfway mark because every life episode should be interesting.

As long as I keep myself healthy!

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