Monday, October 25, 2010

How do you want to live your life?

Fore-note: The focal point of this post is not about my work. It's about life objectives.

We spend nearly half the day (10-12hours) on our work. Travelling to work, having lunch at work and the 8 hours warming the seat. Most of us do it for 5 days a week. That's like 50-60 hours in a 120-hour work-week. Now consider we need to spend at least 6 hours sleeping we only have like 30 hours to do other stuffs. Approximately 6 hours a day to have dinner, housework, study, spend time with family and try to relax. We do that repeatedly for 52 weeks a year, 20-30 years of our life.

And what do we do it for? A paycheque at the end of the month? Most of us its all about that paycheque at the end of the month. But a few of us also look forward to doing something productive while we are at it. Unfortunately this world is full of people who, in an effort to cover up what they have failed to do, put a brake on jobs. I can understand. Finding an excuse to protect one's ricebowl. We've seen it many times. We also know that nothing's ever happened to those people in HQ. They can f*ck up beyond all reasonable level, get transferred to another section and then come back to haunt us another season. So why not let us get on with proper work and make this cover-up disappear huh?

After nearly 7 years in this company, I can safely say that I have seen all that I've needed to see in this company and its time to move on. Its important we do a variety of stuffs like starting one's own venture, or working for different firms or doing something totally out of one's comfort zone. Why? Because we only live once. 10 years down the road I don't want to tell people "You are still young you can always try other stuffs". I don't want to work another 10 years (1 year is already too long!) in this lousy firm and tell myself I should have left when I was younger.

Sure there will be challenges. Another firm may be more f*cked up than this firm. But life is a journey and I don't wish for it to be a train-ride to nowhere. I want it to be a cruise full of activities and multiple ports of visit. OK... maybe a cruise sounds too jovial but you get what I mean...

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YTSL said...

Hi there --

Many years ago, I read that many people are at work for 2/3rds of their waking life. Consequently, I resolved to find work that I like and have some kind of meaning for me beyond just a pay-cheque (however big) at the end of the month.

For the most part, I think I've succeeded -- but this also means that I've gone on a career path that many (especially Asians) would not consider conventional.

At the same time, I've sadly discovered that too many a time, just one idiot (in powerful positions) that can make one's work (place) so unenjoyable that it can prompt one to decide to leave.

Still, when(ever) that happens, I console myself that there are so many other places to go (yet) in the world -- and yes, it can be better to leave and try something new (that hopefully turn out to be something better) than to grit one's teeth and try to grin and bear it.

Good luck to you in your career move and future undertakings. And yes, it can't all be fun, fun, fun but one should have more options than just staying on a train to nowhere. :)

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