Monday, October 18, 2010

It's days like this...

... that reinforces my determination to quit. And a day longer will be a day too late! Hell I hate the position I am in now. I have no cover from anywhere but I'm the smallest shit in the company, looking after the most diverse portfolio. I don't understand how they can expect me to work well when I'm so badly underpaid!

How many IT managers out there have to entertain guests, take them to warehouse visits, oversee networks, hardwares, software, development, sample store, shipping, data entry over multiple sites? I don't know many... The only few I know covers very little but earn more than me! Hah! I'm fine with all these but I'm receiving no support whatsoever from HQ and I just got a sneaky like indirect fire from the Sales President today, in front of everyone in the office, with a group of his Japanese lackeys there watching the show. No doubt they had given enough fire-powder before calling me over...

They probably need someone to come and take over my job when I leave. I wish that fellow well~

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