Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"When I was your age"

I heard that many times when I was young. My uncle not so much. My mum very much. She always liked to talk about how she went out to work at a very young age and made a living. Often used to reinforce her point that I was lazy or wasn't thankful for what I've got.

I admit I was lazy, didn't spend as much time on books as I spent on the basketball court but I was always thankful for what I've got. But end of the day I think I've done decently well.

What of the future generations? Do I go and tell them "when I was your age" stuffs? I think I've already fallen into that trap. But unlike my mum, I go in by trying to do their math sums and showing them that I was much better than them "what I was your age". I can do that but my mum couldn't. She didn't have a chance to finish secondary school... All she could do was make sure we got a roof over our head and meals to fill our stomach.

I'm thankful alright... and I will say those 5 words as well...

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Nomad said...

I think its a good thing my mum couldnt help me with my school work back then because it prompted me to be more diligent in my search for seek out "clever" frens to teach me till I get it, come up with innovative answers and cross fingers, or to make a lone trip to library, but basically to self help because I know there was no safety net. Does it apply to modern kids? I dunno.

I see many parents helping their kids because they wanted to participate, take the pressure off the kids or for whatever reasons. If its me, I will prob make time to watch them do it without lifting a hand, maybe except a quick demonstration. Still I refuse to shine the way...because without forcing them to think, they wont get use to the idea that they wont always have a helping hand in this world when they grow up.

I rem my nephew couldnt tie his shoe lace even when he was 7-8yrs old and depended on his mum. He's a good kid but I was annoyed at his apparent dependence on others.

I showed him once and refused to cut him any slack even when we were on the train till he managed to do it under my hawk eyes. He kept saying it was difficult and I very nearly want to clobber his head but had to "encourage" him verbally that it can be done, just USE HIS HEAD and try all possible ways with the 2 strings in his hands. There is no penalty in getting it wrong. He looks like he wants to cry but I refuse to help him because he has to learn to sink or swim on his own. (Not a great lovey dovey bonding session between nephew and aunt but someone had to be the bad guy to force him to do it without letting up. )

"When I was your age, I did more than just tie my shoe laces". He prob doesnt know what I was trying to drive at but hopefully one day he understands. Hey, at least he did yet to tie his own laces now:)

I just love those 5 words....

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