Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bring it on~

Less than 2 months to go and an air-ticket booked. Finally moved into a serviced apartment for this last leg. Feel less like home but I've only moved into it for 2 nights and none of the places I've stayed here really felt like home. It's a convenience... at a price. Being able to wake up at 8am and reach office by 8:25 is an experience I will treasure for a long time~

Clear the rental apartment, cut the utilities, change the address for the bank and credit cards... what else... of course, finish my studies and take my 13th month! Once I finish all that I can celebrate NY countdown in Singapore~~~ Oh how I miss everybody at home and my precious puppies~~~

Had dinner with my sister and her husband last night. It was great to catch up on what they are doing and how their kids are faring. It's amazing how we spend so many years apart but yet can relate to each other so easily. It was comfortable to be around my sister. She's always been the steady head at home when my mother was out winning breads~

Talking about breads... what kinda breads will I bring home in future? I hear of all sorts of positions from my friends and frankly speaking the job market is full of openings. Unfortunately finding one that I like, pays well enough and will constantly challenge me will be tough to find.

Work... I ask myself this question and answer myself numerous times over the past few 365s. In the 80s it was about bring back plain bread for the family to survive. The 90s, a car for the family to travel. Beginning of this century it was about early retirement... retirement in style. What about 2010 onwards?

Whatever it is~ Bring it on~

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