Monday, February 28, 2011

Assassin's Creed, Rome and 8 days to Whitedusk Mk2

I managed to complete Assassin's Creed 2 and Brotherhood during the past 2 months although the slower pace of part 1 didn't keep me interested in it long enough. And the backdrop of Syria was a stranger to me...

What kept me so captivated in the 2 sequels was the replication of Rome and Venice. Although not on 1:1 scale the attempt to recreate Rome in 15th century brought back many memories of my visit a few years back. The Pantheon, the Castello, the gondolas and the bridges. Oh That was one of the best holidays, or rather our best holiday trip ever. A pity we didn't spend more time in Rome...

Grand Theft Auto is similar in the sense that it is also a sandbox video game but somehow it was terribly underpopulated. Can you imagine a Times Square with less than a hundred people? Assassin's Creed worked because it is believeable (Most... even the part about meeting Leonardo, Yes. The jumping off buildings into haystacks, Hell NO!)

D also completed both games. In fact he completed all 3 in the series on PS3 (and MGS4, both Naruto, WWE11 and....) he's turned into a fan of everything Rome. Little did I know that he would turn into such a fan when I bought the games for him as reward for doing well in his PSLE exams. We just watched Angels and Demons on HBO and he was fascinated by all the buildings he saw in the games. "it's really still there?!?!" Yes it's pretty amazing that buildings in a game based on 15th century Rome is still standing. Thats the beauty of Europe~ hopefully I will have a chance to visit Rome with D so that can show him all the spots in real life!

Or maybe we can visit Europe with the entire family, with Baby J~ yes the next member of my family will be due anyway soon will a plan to induce because he's getting a bit too big. Blogging may be really light as I start working the overnight shift~

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