Thursday, February 3, 2011

back for 1 mth... now what?

Flew by. The last month flew by so fast but i didnt waste it all on sleeping. Spent a good amount of time with my family. Really glad to be able to chat with my sis and uncle on a regular basis. Both of them are really dependable ppl and for that i am thankful. As for my mum, I've come to realize that she is what she is. Getting upset, angry or disappointed will only make ourselves miserable so I'm going to love her and not expect anything in return.

So far I don't miss HK at all except maybe a job. But that has nothing to do with HK. Weather has been seesawing between the high and low 20s recently, which makes for comfortable walks except for the occasional precipitation... And the pups suffer because they werent able to get their walks. The apartments have been fixed up well enough with minimal improvements required. Food is fantastic and in abundance. The problem is making a choice on what to eat. Travelling around has been made that much simpler with the Circle line. The only thing to make this relocation complete will be a new job and the arrival of baby Whitedusk.

On the job front no news either. Given ive only sent my resume to 2 private corps and many govt agencies. Im prob asking for too much... Oh well i'll just take my time. Havent turned to job agencies or contacts. I guess im still in 2 minds about starting work anytime soon. Part of my brain is thinking I should work as hard as possible so as to give the family the best everything possible, another part of my brain is clear that BB White will be a baby for only so long and perhaps I should treasure this time...

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