Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bowling @ Kallang Bowl

Finally gotten a chance to go bowling with the balls I brought back from HK. Kallang Leisure Park is really convenient as the lift will bring you from carpark to bowling alley in no time. With the Circle line it's just as convenient as it's just outside the building.

Bowling in Singapore is nearly 50% cheaper than HK. And the lanes are generally more spacious compared to HK. Lane at Kallang was dry... At least the lane I was playing on was super dry on my line. Wonder if someone was training the same line the whole day before I played, thus the depleted oil along my line...

Well... Excuses and more excuses for my not so stellar scores. It's a good reason to make a return trip ASAP. Bowling is a funny game for addicts like us. A poor score is as good a reason to return as a bad score.

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