Wednesday, February 23, 2011

First foreign assistance in NZ quake is from Singapore

More of a coincidence than anything. More than 100 personnel from HQ Guards are in NZ for an exercise and our ministers offered their services. Another 3 planeloads of search and rescue specialists and equipment are on their way as Im typing this. Be safe and come home in one piece although I must add that this will probably be the most rewarding experience wearing their uniforms. This reminded me of the Xmas tsunami some 6-7 years ago when the Guards and SG Navy were one of the earliest to provide relief.

I am of the belief that actual assistance benefit everyone more than monetary assistance. Not too long ago Singapore donated something like USD50k to a country struck by natural disaster. Many came out lambasting the govt for doing so little when other smaller nations are donating more. If the amount of assistance has to be proportional to the wealth or population of a country then China and India will have to send a 20,000 strong rescue contingent to NZ!

Furthermore, I think many will start to question why there's so much money for other ppl while some of our fellow SG citizens still live in poverty if we donate more. More often than not, the relief donations are unaccounted for (as in the Sichuan earthquake disaster) so whatever money donated may just line the pocket of some bastard destined for hell.

I digressed... It's all about the disaster victims and the people on the ground rendering their assistance. A salute to all of you out there~ make us proud!

Guards Creed:


Resolute in loyalty, Steadfast in commitment.
We fight for our country, our Home and our Family.

Land warriors from Air and Sea,
Unfailing in Toughness,
Valiant in our Actions.
We destroy all foes who challenge our Mission.

We are ELITE warriors,
With Daring Initiative,
We Rule the Day,
And we Rule the Night!

Always Ready!
Ready to Strike!

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