Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A good weekend~

Yes... A remarkable weekend~ It started off on a Friday night with karaoke at K-Box Kallang. Around SGD40 for buffet + 4 hours of singing. The number of Japanese songs is fine and they are mostly originals but the sorting of the singers makes finding your song a tad more difficult.

Then a Saturday that seemed destined for rest at home didnt turn out so when we made the breakfast trip to Geylang Serai market for some Malay breakfast~ Prata, paper thosai and mee rebus, not to mention some teh tarik to finish the meal~ Back home for some rest... A preggy needs lots of rest... A chauffeur trip to Bedok before a drive to Kallang Leisure Park for a movie. I'm starting to like this Kallang more. Close proximity, ice skating + bowling + cinema + karaoke, ample parking spaces. Dinner was satay and indian rojak. A bit disappointed with the indian rojak but there's a first for everything. 1 Indian Rojak stall blacklisted~

Gathering on Sunday with my close group of friends from my secondary school basketball team. A group of 5 who's been friends for more than 15 years. My exodus in HK meant that I've missed 99% of the meet-ups during the past 5 years. But it didn't seem awkward, especially at the mahjong table where I took SGD140 off them~ That meant a good chilli crab dinner but the ones at Eng Seng Restaurant along Joo Chiat Place was sold out by the time I reached there at 6:10pm!!! 6:10pm!!! WTF?!?! A call to my sister and I was informed of a place along East Coast Road which looked popular and waited 30 minutes for my crab. Fresh and sweet crab but the sauce left much to be desired. Probably try their other crabs next time.

It's been all fun and games but CNY is coming to an end. I've probably made up my mind to take half year off, do what I've always wanted to do and spend time with wife and baby. I guess I'm taking 6 months of my retirement in advance. Which really isnt such a bad idea... dont want to lament not having the time to spend with wife and baby during the first few months when I retire~

I've been hearing a few cases of retirement breakdowns. People who get serious illnesses or simply drop dead after retirement. I guess the heart, body and soul will need some time to get used to retirement life. Imagine waking up early in the morning, work 8 hours and then late drinks and doing it on a weekly basis. And on retirement the brain just stop thinking... Its like running 2.4km at sprinting speed and then coming to a stop without a walk-down. I guess we will live a better life when we learn how to pace our life better. But then there's the money issue... hmm...


Gweipo said...

Like the new mast head. Good on you for taking time to be with your wife and new baby. The first 6 months is definitely the hardest and most stressful on a couple.

Am i right in thinking a lot of Singapore is about food, food food? Or do you just eat out more than you eat in?

I can imagine what you're doing is like when I involuntarily quit work to follow my husband to HK for the first time. But I didn't have a baby to anticipate and had a serious identity crisis without work to rely on. You may want to line up some volunteer work or other project for the time, so that you can escape with reason occasionally.
Believe me babies are all consuming.

A final question. I'm going to look-see SG next week, including orientation of housing market (rental). What's a good area if you don't want to be in an expat ghetto, do want to hear Chinese around you and would like to have a garden and pool? (our budget is quite ok)

WhiteDuskRed said...

Hi Gweipo~ Thanks for your comment~ The new front is a photo of the gaming room wall. Took those photos from Euro trip a few years back and only managed to get them printed and framed just before CNY.

Singapore is about food, food and more food~ I have dinner at home 4 days a week and the rest outside. Its really not worth your while to cook when everyone's either working or studying during the day. And weekends... well its the time to explore and find more things to eat~ Its a Singaporean thing~

Actually I'm keeping myself busy with learning how to write iPhone apps and also fixing small nothings in and around the house. Writing iPhone apps is not really about making big money dreams but its something I've always wanted to do. Of course any money earned will be a bonus~

And then there's all spending time with family and friends, people who I've neglected all these years~ Although I've made up my mind many times to stay unemployed until at least June, its tough when you see your other half taking off for work in the morning while you stay at home feeling like a bummer... You get what I mean?

You don't want to be in an expat ghetto, wants a garden and a pool... But which school will you be looking at? My personal favourite will be the houses both sides of Mountbatten Road. The Canadian International School is nearby or if you ever want to try local school, Tanjong Katong Primary is also around that area. TKP has a 40% foreign intake so the curriculum may be more suitable for foreign kids. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tanjong_Katong_Primary_School

Here's something to help you start off: http://www.propertyguru.com.sg/listing/2892276/for-rent-goodman-road

I will stay there if I can afford it! You can surf around that website to find more suitable properties but I'm sure prices will be much lower when you find them in SG~

P.S. I'm biased to the East since I've been staying in and around this area for 30 years~

Gweipo said...

We're trying to get into UWC east, so East is where we'd probably like to be. Thanks for the links.

WhiteDuskRed said...

UWC's pretty near to Pasir Ris. Big nice landed properties near the beach for less than half the price of those near the city. A long way from the city but Singapore is such a small place nothing's too far away~

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