Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How much can you squeeze into one tiny island?

I'm sick of reading articles on the Internet criticizing the lack of alternative entertainment, culture and holiday options in Singapore. Aiyah we are just a small red dot in the middle of nowhere so please don't expect real Bali-style villas, endless beaches or a farm-stay experience~ how many things can we squeeze into 700sqkm of land?

we travel to places in Indonesia like Bali, Bintan and batam for some cheap resort holiday. Australia, Japan and south Korea if we're looking for a different climate and vast open space. Apart from the climate, I think you can find any entertainment you can find not unlike those in HK and SZ for the right kind of $$$~

I have a friend coming to Singapore for the first time and she's going to spend 3 days... What can I show her in 3 days? Food will cost her 1.5days so we are left with 1.5days for sightseeing. Maybe the usual tourist traps like Marina Bay Sands and Orchard Road? That's too much like HK where she comes from... How about little India? What about Sentosa? What about the zoo? Wait... We got so many things here? Oh yah... We also have a whole lot of people occupying the area as well...

Singapore has become so crowded. But then again whenever I take a look at the Chinese staff manning the cashier, the Indians cleaning the streets and other nationality drivers on the buses, I guess when none of your citizen is willing to pick up the dishes it's inevitable that they will be more than happy to come take these jobs. In a company if everyone's the boss then who's going to do the work? It's the same situation in SG now...

So 5 years on, we have many more condominiums, more super cars on the roads, 2 new casinos, a universal studios park, an observation wheel called the Flyer and a million more occupants! If I haven't been flying back regularly I wouldn't be able to recognize this place!

Now is that good or bad?

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