Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mother Tongue Week @ TK

Received an application letter for withdrawal of Edusave funds for the a visit to Peranakan Museum Chinese Trail as part of TK's MT Week for Chinese students. I wonder what the Malay and Indian students are doing...

Activities include Chinese painting, calligraphy and art of Chinese tea. Then there will be comic drawing and a trip to the comic production and publishing company. The above activities are free... So why the cost for the Peranakan trail?

A quick check around the Internet led me to this page on www.yoursingapore.com. Many commercial tours averaging SGD50 can be found on the Internet covering this trail which will bring you to the spice garden, the Peranakan restaurant, admire the architecture found in Joo Chiat/Katong district and a taste of Peranakan food.

For SGD15 I don't think they will get the entire tour... But it's a good way to spend their Edusave funds. I've heard of schools that uses the funds for extra tuition... Aren't the teachers responsible for the students' academic performance?

I know another camp is coming up and there will be a day-trip to Pulau Ubin on public transport. Public transport... I'm liking this school more every day...

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