Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sometimes we forget...

I've taken the clear skies for granted. Not so long ago I was lamenting about the polluted air in HK but now that's all forgotten. The first few days back in SG I spent some time to take in the blue skies but as days gone by I've lost sight of some things. Then today as I was driving back home from Ikea I opened up my eyes on this new elevated road and saw a new skyline and blue skies.

We forget things. Or rather, I forget things. I've always said things like "I would like to do this when I get some free time" or "I should do that when I go back to Singapore". So far the only thing I've achieved is to eat as many different local food as possible... Oh and becoming the fix-it-all man in the family.

But all that is gonna change~ I signed up for a bowling coach course conducted by the SG Bowling Federation. Hopefully can get myself certified up to level 2 by this June. Not because I want to teach bowling now but more because in love the game and want to raise my own game. It may not be a bad retirement job~ I joined a bowling league in HK and now this is the next thing left on my list of to-do things on my bowling life goal. I've forgotten about this dream of coaching although I bring it up once in a while.

And then there are other things that I forget. I've forgotten the lonely 3 months I spent in HK in the last quarter of 2010. The tummy issues I endured. The exams and assignments that accompanied me during that period.

I miss my VW Beetle, the places I put up in HK and the simplicity of appearing for work everyday and not having to plan what to do for the rest of the day. But I also realize that for all things that I misses, all the more I should treasure the present because it will be the Mazda, the present flat and the freedom that I will miss soon.

Treasure the moment... And try not to forget anything, no matter good or bad~

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