Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Baby J, Placenta and 6-bedroom HDB flats...

Just been to the doctor and it seems like Baby J may be out sooner than we expected. He's in position and is poised to make a swift exit within these few days. We were hoping for next Tuesday because that's a good day according to the almanac. Like all parents I want the best for my children and if choosing the month, day and hour of his birth will smoothen his life than I'm all for it, which means induction if he doesn't come out naturally by next Tuesday (after which he will also be quite big and taxing on the mum for delivery). My mum gave me a 1-hr quick lesson on calculating the best time for delivery and showed me why different people lead different lives. So far the calculation's been pretty accurate.

It goes something like this. The score is calculated in units of 两 and 钱. Something like measurement of weight in ounces. A particular year may be worth 一两二钱 while another may only be worth 八钱. Likewise the difference between months, days and even the time(segregated into 2hr units). Twins will probably share similar fate unless their gap passes the hour mark. Generally the rule is to have at least 四两重 otherwise the person's life will be tough and full of difficulties or poor health.

While we are hopeful of a good day and time, many rich families chooses to perform a C-section to ensure the time of delivery is within the golden hour. I guess kiasuism doesn't differentiate between the rich and poor... It strikes everyone~

And then there's the placenta. Though it sounds quite... Er... Revolting? It is quite common for new mums to consume pills made from their own placenta. Hospitals will return the placenta to them, they will dry it themselves and have a Chinese medicinal hall pound it into powder and put it into a capsule for easy consumption. Disgusted when I first heard about it, now I'm quite convinced that it will hasten the mums' recovery and also help lactation.

Here I am sitting in a lounge waiting for the car to be polished, vacuumed and sterilized. This is only 1 of dozen tasks which I've gone through over the past few weeks to prepare for Baby J's arrival. Sgd4000-6000 isn't a lot of help from the government but every little bit helps. My sis has been a great help with all the things like car seats and strollers she handed to me. Not to mention introducing the gynae, finding the best baby deals and even finding out this particular car servicing center with such a great waiting lounge.

Then there's my Uncle who stays with me. He's the way showing me the way around the house, repairing, building and solving issues over both apartments with his power tools. So far we have installed racks, shelves, curtains, dish-holder, re-arranged the walk-in shoe cabinet and many others. Im getting handy with power tools myself. He is also a constant source of knowledge and calm, always knowing when to come in to soften a threatening situation. Not to mention the fact that he loves the 2 dogs! And of course they love him as much~

Talking about a family, I think HDB should introduce 6-bedroom units on a build-to-order basis. I dont think theres any but feel free to right me if there is~ I need 6 bedrooms to house my mum, my uncle, my MIL, 3 kids and ourselves and nothing in HDB can cater to our needs. This is more efficient than staying near the parents as I will effectively have 1 living 1 kitchen and 1 Internet connection. I can take care of my elders, they can help look after the children and the children can have some advise as and when they need it. You know why so many people need car these days? Because they need to send their baby to the parents' house before making their way to work, then back to parents' house to fetch the baby before returning home. After the traveling and taking care of baby at night, time for some sex and second baby? You must be joking...

Furthermore, in such a family nucleus, it is impossible for a family to purchase more than 1 unit under HDB rules (as far as I know). Buying two secondhand units and break the wall? Possible but what are the odds of getting 2 units side-by-side? If anyone from HDB is reading this, please think about it. By having a unit 1.5x the size of a normal HDB 5-rm flat, you are effectively reducing at least 25% space usage to house the same number of occupants, reduce the need for cars and also create a more conducive environment for raising kids. There ARE people out there who would like to stay with and take care of their parents!

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