Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Maid carrying backpack for soldier... o_O

The latest saga in little Singapura... a maid carrying the army backpack of a national serviceman...

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Some people are born rich some people are born poor some poor are born healthy and some people are born weak. So this guy got a maid to help him carry his stuff. No one is supposed to carry his backpack if I remember correctly. On the first day of enlistment we were told to honor the uniform and whatever we do outside of camp we make sure we do the uniform proud (or do it in our civilian dress...).

Some people did mention that this guy might be carrying an injury. Fair enough since the person taking the picture didn't give him a chance to explain. But he looked like browsing through his mobile phone from what I see. And I'm sure once he reach his camp he will have to march or walk or crawl back to his bunk without his maid.

But thats not the most infuriating thing. The most infuriating thing came this morning when someone wrote to the Straits Times to sympathize with the kid saying how tough it is for her own son and she understands the hardship that NS puts these kids through. Madam, the army is there to make them tougher!

Absolutely definitely totally no respect for this guy! But then again... he is serving his NS and not like others who ran away and don't dare to step foot on Singapore shores again. But thats another story altogether...

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Laura said...

Totally agree with your points, this is just not acceptable he has to be pretty arrogant to think it's OK!

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