Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nothing beats seeing it for oneself...

"I had a very very good impression of Singapore !! Everyone feels genuinely nice and helpful and I don't feel scammed at all. (or maybe they are so good at it that I don't realize)"

That's the Facebook message I received from an ex-classmate after her recent visit to Singapore. Absolutely no idea why she felt that there will be scammers waiting to pounce on her. A helpful advice from friends and families who were victims of scammers in Singapore? It's one of the stranger (not the strangest) things I've heard from HK friends with regards to issues concerning Singapore.

An ex-colleague thought that Singapore must be a dangerous place with so many bombs going off and so many muslim residents. Uh... bombs? Maybe it will happen someday but so far no bombing incidents... And what's wrong with muslims? There are millions of muslims in Indonesia and Malaysia but how many bombing incidentS do you hear about everyday?

Be it geographical misinterpretation or misinformation, very often our perception of a place is already there even before we set foot on the airplane. For the people who actually ignore the negativities and make the trip to Singapore, it may be a good thing as more often than not the lower expectation equates to a better than expected trip.

And then there's this other ex-classmate who transferred to a job in Singapore. She finally realized that insects are part and parcel of life here after moving out of the comforts of a serviced apartment...

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