Saturday, March 26, 2011

The nuclear situation in Japan... Is it better or worse than reported?

Everywhere I web-surf I will find debates and commentaries on the nuclear situation and the exodus of foreign residents and workers. Many chose to write on how these people had been influenced by doomsday-style coverage by the media. How the nuclear situation is not as serious as people imagined. But what is the real situation like?

I've worked in a Japanese company for 7 years and im not comfortable with the information made available. They are an exclusive race so they tend to hide information among their own people. Especially so when it affects the reputation of the Japanese people as a whole. They will hide and hide the truth until it can't be covered further, in the meantime fighting to resolve the problem. If it works out then all is fine. If it doesn't work out then we got a bigger mess on our hands with people within the radioactive zone victims of this Japanese pride. I'll be very happy to be proven wrong.

Then there are others on the internet who chose to write on how the Japanese people remain dignified in this time of mayhem. How many countries in the world can remain so orderly in the face of natural disaster of such scale? Not many in my opinion except a few Scandanavian cities. I'm a bit on the fence about how singaporeans will cope in such a disaster. The Army has taught me that singaporeans from all social level can and will come together when serving the nation and in the company of comrades.

However I won't play the blame game when singaporeans leave in droves should there be a natural disaster. Unlike bigger nations where people can relocate to other cities, singapore is only as big as a city. A nation is big but in the hearts of most people the immediate family is most important. There's no real nationality to speak of when everyone is dead, no?


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, your comments about Japanese behavior is what I have observed while working with them. (no I dont work for any Japanese MNC). I too worried that the truth is being hidden and that the situation is far worst than what is being communicated. Stoicism has a dark side, they will bravely accept death than to tell the truth.

WhiteDuskRed said...

If everyone accepts death then so be it. I'm worried for the ones who would have left it they know of the dangers. Let's just keep hoping that they reported as much as they know. I can accept genuine mistakes much better than lies.

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