Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How will you fight an election war?

Its interesting the things people say about the new candidate Tin Pei Ling. Young she is and inexperienced indeed. But to put her in a single-seat ward will be more worrying as that will mean that the ruling party has lost it and people should then really think about whether to vote for them. Why would any party put a weak candidate in a single-seat ward if they are bound to lose??? Crazy? Overconfidence?

When you are fighting a war, will you put a weak new unit into the field against an experienced infantry division face-on or pair it with armor and arty in a big invasion? You will face a massacre against a more experienced unit and that will be the end of that unit. Whereas in a strong combined force you get a chance to bleed the new unit in while you can place your stronger units in other areas. That's strategy and its important to have a government that knows how to strategize for the greatest gains. Otherwise a country like Singapore will cease to exist. People love to compare SG with HK but they often fail to recall that HK is part of China, a global behemoth. What/Who can Singapore fall on?

I am not a die-hard PAP supporter. I will shift when I see that they have failed or is failing. So far the opposition has not shown me that they are capable replacements with answers to problems. Yes they highlight problems but they are problems we all know.

The girl aside I'm more interested in a certain BG(NS) Tan Chuan Jin. I used to serve under him during my NSF years. A people person who knew how to work the men. He was a leader, not a commander, and I'm glad he is taking the political route because he will be a good servant to the nation. Well... at least it will make my voting decision easier if he is in my ward...


"Just Me" said...

To me, what is worrying is NOT about how PAP strategise to position a weak candidate. What is worrying is WHY they even bother to put a weak candidate in.

Sure she is full of passion and zest. Name me which 27yr old isnt full of passion, and believe in possibilities.

However, while I do not know her, I have already disagreed with many of her scripted speech. Isnt a candidate suppose to have thought through what they want to present to people? Then obviously she hasnt thought through enough, and neither is she equip enuff to fit into the big shoe with a black hole of responsibilites ahead.

Like I said in my blog, comparing her to the other PAP female candidate from std chart, you seriously want to tell me they are just as good? I will be sorely insulted if I am the lady from the std chart. At least she talks with composure, and with a degree of intelligence. Period.

No offence, but fielding such a tender young thing is EVEN more worrying because she has no mind of her own. She will take what her mentor says as gospel truth and has little to back her up. She is like a foot soldier. So does that mean that if she runs with SM Goh, then if he should become MM,which i pray not, will she still be obeying him or will she have the guts to say no when the time calls for it?

Would it be back to square one where in the olden days, where the polices are only devised and approved within the inner clan? The policy of": Listen to me and you will live a life of luxry, go against me ...fill in the blanks.

WhiteDuskRed said...

I guess even PAP has a hard time filling the ranks with people they trust yet highly capable. At the end of the day when you are 3-short-1 for a mahjong session, you take what you get.

My problem is with people calling for her to fight in a single seat ward. What does that tell you about singaporeans as a mature voting population? Those are words in spite without real understanding of how a political party works. How many of those people who cries for US democracy actually understands US politics and the problems in US politics?

Anyway, I do hope she wins. I'm always supportive of underdogs. Because now that she has so much to prove I don't think she will be able to hide from her responsibilities. And sometimes foot soldiers are what we need. More foot soldiers tha NATO ones.

Basically when you are new to a party you basically follow the general direction of the party. Even Obama is restricted in his decisions so I don't think a 40 year old or 27 year old candidate will make much difference.

"Just Me" said...

I agree that being new to a party and in a group setting u have to obey to a group majority win mentality. However that is exactly why it is dangerous to vote her in because I want a THINKING foot soldier, not one that is a YES sir all the way. Being in that environment where she has no room to grow on her own without bias "tutoring" and guidance, I can only expect another bunch of yes man, which I think we have too much. There is a fundamental difference between someone who follow orders, vs someone who can follow orders but yet rise to challange.

For NOw and I say for now, she makes a bad candidate. She already has a preconceived notion that working hard will give you a good life, and alot of many other idealistic nonsence she sprouted. No I do not need another person who thinks whatever is being done now is good.

I am not discrediting that what we have is not good. We both have lived in HK and we know the merits of Sg, however I say we can DO MORE. HK is deprived of a proper voting system whereas we have a somewhat half baked one. Still, I say I will choose slyvia over her. Too bad I do not live in marine parade because I will NOT vote her, and neither will I vote for her running companions. People forget that The foreign talent issue and the upgrading issue did not start from LHL, it started from the people before him. So the buck should stop there. strangely I like LHL despite all the flaks he has gotten, but I do not like the way things are run by some other people on board, and I say we should get more people on board.

Age is not a necessary determinant for maturity but by 18yrs, you tend to be able to tell if someone is cut out for greater things and has the potential to lead, or be dealt with a bad card and stand to face it. For her at 27yrs, TPL comes across as someone better to help out doing social work, ground work to gain another 4 years of exposure before she is ready to grow on her own and benefit us. I do not discredit her passion, nor her katespace bag which is frankly none of our biz, but I do think she is NOT ready to be into the game of big players and it will do her no good to vote her in now. So I say do NOT vote for her.

Then again like my fren said, we wouldnt have a choice because she is being placed in a sure win ward, and not a neutral ward. I agree its silly to say run for single ward because no one will trust a newbie. But if she were to go to somewhere more neutral with more neutral running mates, it gives sg a more equal chance to see her at play with other opposition. That is what voting system is about.

I never fully agree with US consitution. Neither do I agree with the way Oz is run. However, there are merits in both systems that you cannot deny that we can learn from.

The fact that she grew up all her life and living in sg is disadvantageous because she did not have the exposure to experience the merit and failing of another country to benefit singapore. We all have this ideal picture of another country until we actually live there. If she is not voted in, I say utilise the next 4 years to live abroad to work, and then come back run again. I will be more convinced then that she is more suitable as she will be able to see a bigger picture than the öh Sg is so wonderful" picture, that is detrimental to our nation fall is this trend goes on. MM isnt going to be forever and that is to me worrying.

WhiteDuskRed said...

Overseas exposure is really important because only with that do we get a wider viewpoint. A few of the high flyers are masters graduates from foreign universities. This girl... Just as unknown as the 26 year old introduced into a 5 pax tampines ward by an opposition party today.

PAP will not place her in a neutral ward. That's what everyone should know. More likely middle ranks worth a fight but they can afford to lose. Not the big big guns least they lose face shall they fail. That's strategy.

I'm already very worried about some of the opposition suggestions like slashing defense budgets to give to the poor... It's like they say whatever that is popular with the people but no real plans to implement their suggestions.

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