Friday, April 8, 2011

iPhone App completed and submitted

It's been a wonderful adventure writing this Password Management App. This learning how to program for iOS, learning object-oriented programming all over again and this understanding of how Apple manages their apps. I guess the biggest thing I gained from this episode is that lots of effort has been put into by Apple to make sure that apps out there don't really suck. There are rules to adhere to and GUI guidelines are there for you to read up. The amount of documentation on their website for developers if quite heavy and its well worth the USD99 paid for joining their program.

I borrowed 3 books from the National Libraries and of the 3 I can only say 1 is really useful and well written. Unfortunately I've returned it 2 weeks again but I've gained enough understanding of the delegates, navigation controllers and table views to carry on. Some books are good but some books are even better. It can really mean the difference between good and bad results, and I'm really glad i picked up that book from Marine Parade Library the 1st time around. Otherwise I would have been going round in circles.

I started seriously reading the books around the end of February and didn't get a chance to start coding until I started the overnight shift after my son's birth so it was somewhere around the 10th of March. I really picked up the pace only in the last 2 weeks and I could have finished it yesterday except for a terrible headache that kept me in bed the whole day. Funny thing... I tried to sleep early to break the overnight rhythm but I guess my body is not young anymore and cannot take the drastic change in sleeping habits...

Next up, a Bowling app to keep track of scores~

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