Thursday, May 19, 2011

Baby and Job...

I'm really kicking my job-search into full gear this week. Until last week I was on an apply-when-a-good-job-appear kind of mentality. But this week its whatever comes I will send a resume. Of course that doesn't mean any job that I will never do... But there are some jobs that I will do although I hope I don't have to do... I wish to break out of the Japanese + Manufacturing sector and do something different, yet something related to my training.

Saw a job for a Sports Technologist job in the Singapore Sports School. Qualified for it? Yes. Any idea how to do the job? No. Apply? Hell Yes! Working with coaches and kids... that's like a fantastic job for me~ But will I get the job? I highly doubt so since I have nothing to show for except my MSc and a bowling coach certificate. And if they do take me, I'll most likely have to take a paycut... do I take the paycut? Well... nothing happened yet so I'll just keep sending in my resumes and see calls first~

In the meantime I'm researching on how well paid apps and free apps do on the Apple App Store. Coming up with my second app, a bowling targeting app (inspired from my coaching course) which will be free. Hopefully it will do better than my last app~ LOL~

Whatever the case, it was a good experience writing these apps. Let me understand the resources required to create a good app. From graphics to sound to design to UI to programming. Working alone means I must fight against myself all the time. Is this layout better? Is it better to be a paid app or free app? Not easy at all. But hopefully I can bring this knowledge and experience into my new job.

Job-search and app-creation aside, I spend the rest of the day looking at my baby. Looking and talking to him. He's a talkative one. At 9 weeks he's much more stable now and can spend long periods of time talking to us. Of course its all just gu-gu-gu but I cannot help but see the joy he brings to the 3 old folks at home. Especially when he smiles and talks to them it really cheers them up. i can't say for sure but Baby J is probably the elixir that will extend the 3 oldies' life by many years~

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Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your joy with us.

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