Saturday, June 25, 2011

No clues where I want to be...

Job hunting is getting some echoes and calls here and there. The biggest prospect is coming from the School. In terms of a future and escape options it's really bleak since sports has never been a big market in SG. But it's 180-degree change from what everyone is doing and most importantly it gives me an opportunity to try out something different with my life.

More often than not we are led by our peers to believe that money is everything (not that the sports school is paying peanuts but I reckoned they will not pay what I'm asking elsewhere). But when you ask them straight in the face, many will tell you that they are not happy in their present work and it's all about the money or they will go for their dream job when they are financially secured. When will we ever be financially secured enough to do that?

Then there's another position which should get back to me next week. Regional responsibility, plenty of flying around but predominantly based in SG. Not a big name but still famous enough. Doing pretty much what I've been doing. If I get this job then I probably see myself back on that corporate ladder continuing my ascent. So much for doing other things with my life... It will probably be the same old stuffs all over again and again and again over the next 20 years... *shivers*

Then there are plenty of positions in big MNCs boosting strong reputation in maintaining work-life balance which I've tried for with no replies. What does it take to get into these companies? I have no idea whether its my resume, my expected salary or just a mismatch but I'll keep on trying~

Which is the best? I have no idea but a work-life balance sounds good to me. Something has to give somewhere so where do I compromise? The salary? The time with family? The prestige? Future prospects? So many variables and I do strongly feel that whatever job I get next will define what I will be in the next 10-15 years so I'm not rushing into it. Having said that, I do hope to start getting a pay cheque soon and doing something with that money... like a new bowling ball? :)


Joyce Lau said...

I had lunch with an old former colleague. We had started together as lowly paid editors at a local magazine. Then she moved to "the dark side" (as we journos jokingly call PR or corporate relations).

Our ages, educations and backgrounds are similar, but she was clearly making more than me.

She said she "admired" me for staying in journalism, and this made me uncomfortable. It was like I'd sacrificed -- like I was working to feed poor kids in Africa! -- and there was a bit of pity in her voice.

I know other people from this old job who have gone into corporate PR and now live in luxury Hong Kong homes I could honestly not afford.

I'd probably make more if I were, say, a media consultant. I'd probably work better hours, too.

That said, I make a decent, stable salary. My husband and I lead comfortable lives. I enjoy my work (most of the time).

I'm not sure if what I have is perfect, but I've tried to balance money / happiness. I'm sure you'll find your balance soon, too.

WhiteDuskRed said...

Hi Joyce~

In life we always ask ourselves a few questions. "Would I be there as well if I've chosen the corporate route?" or "Would my life be happier or filled with more content if I had chosen the more admirable path?"

I'm at this juncture in my life where I see myself asking these questions 20 years down the road. The best will be a dream job that pays corporate money~ That will be nice...

The worst? Going for a dream job that turned out to be a nightmare and eating peanuts for dinner... So yes I do understand why people choose the corporate jobs which they don't really like. Because the whereas happiness/contentment is subjective, monetary value is definite~

Joyce Lau said...

Hi White Dusk Red -- I totally agree.

My REAL dream job would be to stay at home full-time just to write. I know people who do that, but almost all of them live from one freelance cheque to the next. Or, they have independently rich dads / husbands, and I do not! :)

To be serious -- if I were a fulltime freelance writer, it would have been much harder for me and my husband to buy our flat. And I'm very happy we own property. I probably wouldn't be saving for retirement. And I probably wouldn't have spending money for the odd splurge, like vacation, nice restaurant, or luxury good.

So, I'm halfway. I'm not as free as my freelancing friends. But I haven't gone down the 100% corporate route either. Most of the time, I'm happy where I am... but the grass is always greener.

Sometimes I wish I were at home writing the next great novel -- but the practical side of me knows that 99% of literary fiction writers never make it big.

Other times, my husband and I fantasize about how nice it would be to just pay off the mortgage!

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