Monday, June 27, 2011

When non-reciprocal love/admiration was at it's sweetest~

Was feasting on some local junk food at Dunman food centre when I suddenly though of D. He's in secondary one now, it's about time he starts having a girlfriend (we are in no illusion that kids start dating only when they are 16-17) and I couldn't help by remarked to my wife that what a wonderful period of life he's going through, and we are witnessing for him now.

It's the period of his life where there may be a girl he like in school yet, given his reserved nature, he will most likely not let the girl know. His nights will be filled with anticipation for the next day in school and the final bell in school has turned from friend to foe. Not that he will make any use of the few hours under the same roof to do anything. He's probably just happy to watch her from afar.

And if he gets the opportunity to talk to the girl he'll probably script every word before he proceed but I'll bet my under wears he's going to mess it all up~ and if the girl proactively talks to him, he will probably rewind the conversation in his head over and over again (and forget all his homework).

I'm sure we all ever had that experience in our lives and more often than not nothing comes out of this adoration. But I think this particular type of memory is really unique and magical. It's a really sweet innocent type of love. The least amount of reciprocation and you get rewarded with the most amount of sweetness. Adulthood has more or less hit us with it's materialism and pragmatism that sometimes I feel that even the biggest amount of love and affection displayed cannot bring even a sign of that sweetness in some couples.

Of course I'm not talking about myself here. Not just because my wife reads this blog... But because when we go out I still search for her hands to hold even when she doesn't realize I'm trying to hold her hands. And the greatest reciprocation for me will be her hands giving mine that slight firmer grip when our hands manage to find each other. That, for me, is our way of saying "I love you" everyday~

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