Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Who is hiring anyway?

I just got off the phone with a headhunter. Basically I dug out the information of this person from the internet, wrote an e-mail over and rightfully got a return call. It all happened a day ago when this lady called and asked if I'm interested in a job. Blah blah blah and it seems like everything is within my scope, even the pay package. I thought that's pretty good until she mentioned that I lacked a certain programming language in my resume. I admit I don't have all of them but how many people out there is fluent in all programming languages anyway?!?! Anyway she thought it was pretty important so figured I wasn't suitable for the job.

I thought over the issue last night and decided to surf the internet for more details on this particular post. I found it and it looked to me more like an "A or B" rather than an "A and B" requirement. So I dropped her and e-mail to double-check the requirements. True enough its an "A or B" and I'll just wait and see how it goes.

But this isn't the first time I've encountered recruitment agents, HR personnel or headhunters who are not really good with the details. A particular recruitment agent still think that I am staying in HK because he wrote to me that the job was only opened to applicants presently in Singapore. I must thank him because he was one of the only few who actually bothered to reply and he highlighted the problem that some people may think that I'm still in HK, even though I explicitly wrote in all my cover letters that I've relocated back to SG... I've since added a few more hints here and there to make sure people know that I'm in SG.

All these hoo-has actually struck me as particularly worrying. The employer is actually looking for someone but obviously it will go through the HR, then the job agencies before the news gets filtered down to applicants like me. Like any pass the message game, the information will get really messed up once it reaches the end. And that's only one direction.

During the application process, it goes the other way, from application to job agents to HR to employing department. More often than not, the job agents will filter some and the HR will filter some. Now is it possible that these people are filtering the wrong applicants on the behalf of the employing group?

So the best thing to do as an applicant is to write up a CV that not only appeals to your future employer as well as the person who read it along the way. You may know very well the person you would like to work with but start learning the likes and dislikes of HR people... From what I know they come from all walks of life... and some aren't very good with English...

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"Just Me" said...

I totally agree. My partner was looking for a job and these headhunters kept giving him the wrong info, or tell him there are no jobs in sg. Yet thru his own network, he realised the were so many company hiring and yet he had no idea why these head hunters told him there were none. So he ended up setting up meetings on his own which was way faster. Otherwise, these so call headhunters will keep relaying irrelevant jobs which he is over qualified for and they kept pushing him to "try".Wat a waste of time to even talk to head hunter. Nowadays, I have no idea what happen to the quality of those singaporeans employee....they keep bitching about FT stealing their jobs but they themselves are not putting in enuff efforts to retain the quality and standard of their job and yet they want lots and lots of money in short period of time. It's more worrying about this shift of attitude than competition from FTs.

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