Monday, July 11, 2011

Big spending and Not working

I finally realized the biggest issue bugging me at this point of time... Its the fact that I've been withholding my spending limits since I'm not bringing in any income for the family. Prior to my return to Singapore I've been spending without restraint. Now that I'm back and not working, we are basically living off the missus's pay cheque. Thankfully that is quite a substantial one... still nothing beats spending money you made~

Of course having a single income never stopped us from spending big. And boy did we splurge over the last 2 weekends... A new 40" Samsung 3D Smart TV for the bedroom was delivered last Friday. The experience of playing Killzone 3 in all its 3D glory already justified the buy~ And that TV cost like 1% of what we were to buy next...

On Saturday we went to take a look at the BMW showroom for pre-owned cars. Took a drive out on the 3-series, the 5-series and then a coupe 1-series. Apparently this car had never been sold to anyone except taken out for test-drives and servicing by the dealer. From what was just a look-and-see outing turned into a purchase of a 3,000cc BMW... I must admit I was urging the missus on as she looked droolingly at those cars (She's a BMW fan). It was a good buy in this age of high COE prices. Yes the COE prices may drop. But then again it may climb. No point guessing the unknown. What I know is she will get to drive a 3,000cc car, enjoying the experience of owning and driving a great car everyday for the next 9 years.

Not a very interested Baby J

Surprisingly, after doing all the sums, owning the BMW on top of the other car is within her monthly expenditure should we choose to fully pay up for the other car now. But I don't intend to let that happen... my target is to find a job, trade in the present car and get myself a 2.0L VW EOS... Sounds like a plan... now a job first...

The cameraman at the venue took Baby's photo and gave us a copy of it. Another copy now sits there at the showroom for people to admire~

Sunday was a bit of you-me time with the missus, with the kids here there everywhere, so we took off for a bowling session at Marine Bowl. By the end of the 1st game I had the most wonderful feeling that I was going to do well that day. My body was feeling fine, hands were releasing the ball right and my finishing position was near perfect balance. So I gave it my best shot~

Marine Bowl - Old school environment with the right ambience~

What resulted was my first ever 900-series over 4 games with scores of 240+, 230+, 220+ and 200+. My highest ever was 820 in HK more than a year ago so it was fantastic to not just hit such high scores again but doing it on a regular basis. I must admit that SBF's bowling coaching course did more good to me than any other thing. And having recruited my first trainee (who I've been teaching for free so far) I've noticed more flaws about my own game than ever before. Things I never realized like how my body bent, how it sways, how I don't release the ball smoothly and stuffs like that. If you are reading this post and wondering if you should take up the course, my recommendation is go ahead!~

Felt so good with my first game of 244!~

After bowling we went for dinner at Waraku East Coast. All I have to say about that experience is... skip the joint. There are plenty of eateries nearer to Marine Bowl that serves better food! Not going again... ever...

Now if every weekend can be as happening as the last...

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