Friday, July 22, 2011

Debt ceiling~

I spent some time last night reading about the debt ceiling issue in the US and how it is going to affect the rest of us. Mostly blaming the Republicans (or the Tea Partiers) and then some leaving the blame for Obama. Mostly blaming fellow Americans for voting in the new generation Republicans.

One particular Republican-hater wrote something like this, "A democracy is great if we have an educated population, unfortunately it doesn't apply to this country." The tag of being the most powerful person in the world probably doesn't mean a thing to Obama right now. This waltz between the Democrats and Republicans is doing nothing for the credit worthiness of the US and even if they manage to raise the debt ceiling by 2nd August, I'm pretty sure that their ratings will take a slight blow.

I don't know what this talk of not increasing the taxes for the rich is about (or even more tax cuts!) but I always thought that when you earn more you should be taxed more instead of less or equal to the middle class. So that they will create more jobs? What's stopping them from moving the jobs to India and China? Just end the Bush tax cuts, thank you very much!~

A comment I found on the net which is really close to what I have in mind:
"I find the American public really weird: they vote for Obama to bring in 'change' and at the same time vote for a whole bunch of Republicans who won't let him change a darned thing!"


"Just Me" said...

I agree with the comment to!

I read somewhere that some "Republicans" even made damning declarations such as "It is our utmost mission to ensure Obama wont go beyond his first term" I was like "Hey aint you guys voted in to first serve the people and not trying to oust each other out just for the sake of power struggle?"

WhiteDuskRed said...

True enough their ratings are taking a hit now~ I would love them for not raising the debt ceiling if it doesn't affect the rest of the world that much. I just want Americans to really understand what will happen if they don't do it.

Voting uneducated masses into offices? Think twice... if you have a brain...

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