Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Of BMWs and a REAL national stadium...

My first ever drive on a 3,000cc BMW. I'm sold. Now I only wish I had the money for a 6-series convertible. More spacious than the VW Beetle, more powerful than any car I'd ever driven and felt more majestic on the road. I guess that's the reason why people crashes their Lambos or Ferraris... the power you feel behind the wheels... A 2,000cc or a 3,000cc car? I guess there's no turning back now... Next up a BMW X5 3.0 XL?

And in recent news, the return of the Malaysia Cup. Yeah~ And we will be playing in the 6,000-seater Jalan Besar stadium. Boo~ I cannot understand why something proposed to be completed by 2011 can be delayed until 2013 and then 2014. Now we will be hosting Malaysia in a World Cup qualifier in a 6,000-seater stadium. The Malaysia Cup? Same place. Liverpool's training session last weekend? Bishan Stadium. Malaysia got the Shah Alam and we got Jalan Besar.

It is important for a nation to be financially responsible. But it is also fine to splurge once in a while as long as it is affordable. For many of my fellow citizens we felt a big slap in the face for the shame of not having a proper national stadium for so many years. You want support for the national team? You want people to attend matches in droves? Stop Stop Stop using the Jalan Besar Stadium! Build me the new Sports Hub right now!!!

*Rant to be continued...*

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