Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Perhaps I'd jinxed myself...

According to the missus, I'd jinxed my own job search when I made a statement about how nearly perfect my life is apart from being unemployed. I guess I DID jinx myself with that statement but I really felt very blessed because I just welcomed my beautiful baby, back in my home country after so many years, and finally able to celebrate the birthdays with the entire family!

We just had a wonderful lunch buffet at Melt - The World Cafe @ Mandarin Oriental last Saturday to celebrate my mum and uncle's birthdays~ What made the meal so memorable was the fact that this time we managed to have a picture of us 3 siblings taken with mum and uncle. A priceless picture given relationship with my brother had been very cold during the past 10 years or so.

So yes perhaps I did jinx myself but then again I feel that another factor in my poor run on the job hunt front is the fact that i) I'm trying to go into a sector where I don't have any professional or educational qualifications and ii) I'm probably asking above what the market is willing to pay. But I also realized that some employers are really really picky... I see the same position still on the market after 2 months, and then a few still haven't replied me if I've gotten the job even after I've gone for interview like 1 month ago.

Well let them be... this morning I spent good time going for a walk with my mum and Baby J, chatting with her over lunch, before making our way to my sister's place for a short chat. I've forgotten that this is all what I've been missing all these years and little did I realize that in this pursue of a new job I've already forgotten my own promise to myself to spend proper time with the family.

And my mum told me that nearly everyone in the family had a 3-year down streak. Herself, my brother-in-law, as well as my brother. Perhaps its best I get rid of this 3-year jinx at this point of my life than wait for it till I turn 40. I hope she's correct but 3 years.... that's a pretty long time for a bad streak!

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