Friday, July 8, 2011

Where am I on my career track?

I'd say neither here nor there... For all the frustrations I'm getting from the job search, most of them are actually self-inflicted. I'm only applying for jobs I think I would like with little or no regards to requirements. Oh... And a high expected salary probably didn't help my cause much.

On the IT front I'm probably deemed too young and inexperienced for some of the senior posts and too old too expensive for some of the junior posts. Furthermore I didn't fill my CV with so many certifications for them to have another look. Truth is even though my academic life has been IT, I'm quite sick of the job. I much prefer a job on the supply chain line.

On the logistics end I do not have too much experience here in Singapore and I lack a business background. Not to mention I haven't been using SAP in my previous job... nothing a stint with SAP and an MBA with NTU or SMU won't solve, right? And then there's Six Sigma as well...

1.5 mths on I've done a few things... Called headhunters, got called by headhunters, applied for plenty of jobs, went for interviews, done a presentation for an interview. Through these meetings I have a pretty good grasp of what the economy is like. It's not all rosy especially with Japanese companies as they are still somewhat affected by the natural disaster in Japan. And that's a real shame since only companies with interests in Japan would pay a premium for my work.

No reason to blame Mother Earth for anything~ looking on the bright side I'm still enjoying a paternity leave which none of my peers could ever take here in Singapore. I guess I will appreciate the work done by mothers that bit more compared to most of my friends since I've spent so much time with Baby J. I've always lamented that I've never had the chance to do a full-time degree... And I'm still wondering what's stopping me now... A winning lottery ticket might be the answer...

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