Friday, September 16, 2011

Don't ask for it and you will get it...

Some time since my last post. I've been spending quality time with my little boy and also trying not to neglect the older one as well. I've also been working on the statistics portion of my Pin-Targeter App. And then there were the job interviews... It's really amazing the things that have changed with the job prospects over the past few weeks.

For 2 months I've been camping on job sites searching, deciding, custom-fitting my CVs and hoping for a reply. Hardly any bites at all even though I was asking for same or lower pay than what I got in HK. And then 2 weeks ago I told myself to stop wasting my time on the job search and spend more time on developing my iPhone apps. So I completely refrained from visiting those job sites and headhunters started calling me up!

At this point of time I got an offer that is subjected to approval from the higher-ups that is probably paying 30% more than my last job, and is one of 3 shortlisted candidates for another which may end up paying 50% more than my last job. Considering the fact that 3 weeks ago I was willing to take any job that will pay me 80% of my last job, I'm in a much much better situation now~

The lessons I learnt from all these... frankly speaking I have no lessons to learn from all these that will help me get a job faster. Maybe the most important thing is just keep your resume and profile updated on job sites like And also post your resumes with job agencies like Adecco. I figured most jobs on job sites like Jobstreet and JobsDB are not going to pay the salary I'm asking for.

But another important lesson I learnt was how to keep yourself sane while you are unemployed. Brooding over it will not speed up the process one bit. On the contrary it will make the days tougher to endure and the pessimism will spread. I met some new bowling friends during this period of time, published my iPhone apps, and also spent some quality time with my family. Of course having some spare cash is helpful during this period of non-employment so I shall continue saving a large chunk of my money once I get a job.

Having written so much I still haven't gotten a job but I'm sure things will change over the next few days or so~ Wish me luck!~


Flora said...

Congrats on the promising turn of events and good luck!

MING said...

Ever tried LinkiIn?

WhiteDusk said...

Tried linked in but hardly any good links?

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