Monday, September 26, 2011

An end of a long vacation~

The job is nearly secured and will be confirmed once the contracts are ready and I sign them on Monday or Tuesday. The other job, with probably a significantly higher package, would probably require me to work longer hours. At the end of the day the job I chose will give me regular hours, more time with family and probably better long term prospects. 

Regrets with giving up on a bigger paycheck? Of course there will be a tinge but if one works 60-hour  weeks versus 40 hours then the difference in remuneration may be reversed. And that's how I console myself. The other jobs probably going to have many long hours and many tough hours managing external expectations. After going through the household expenses with the missus last night, I realized that although with the job I chose we will probably be running a surplus each month and spending without any restraints, any plans to buy a new car, move to a bigger place or a hike in interest rates will level that surplus in a heartbeat. It's best I forget the other job offer as fast as possible~ 

Well, I'm just very very glad I got a job~ The bonus? Well its within my pay expectations and I'll be reporting directly to the CIO. Its always easier to push through projects and ideas when you can talk straight to the boss and not through some managers in HQ who will block any attempts to rock the boat. If my idea won't be accepted I prefer to hear it straight from the boss. And after the interview sessions with the CIO, GM and Ops Director I felt very good about the people with whom I will be working with. Not that I didn't feel any good after the meeting with the other company but he was Japanese and you know... sometimes they are just too polite and they are under a mask all the time. Like ALL the time. 

And yes that means I've come to the end of a very long vacation. Have I achieved many things? Yes and no. For example, on a corner of this very blog I've written some things to remind myself of the kind of job I should avoid and I've found one that surpasses the previous job in all aspects written and unwritten so I'm very happy with that.

I've failed to go on a cruise, visit Hokkaido with my uncle or learnt to play the guitar but I've gotten a baby boy, gotten my bowling coach certification, an intellectual property management certification and published 2 iPhone apps in this period. Not to mention the amount of wonderful time I got to spend with my family as well as the support and encouragement bestowed upon me by family and friends who've worked so hard to help me pull strings, setup interviews and/or just nice words keep my spirits up. Although at the end of the day NONE of the strings pulled led to anything, not even an interview, I'm still really appreciative that everyone actually bothered.

The most vivid memory in these 6 months must go to the little conversation with my MIL. We don't really get alot of opportunities to be left alone together but on one occasion when I helped her with her groceries home from the coffee shop nearby, she gave me some words of encouragement with regards to my job search and told me to take it easy. Somehow those words from her meant more to me than any other people, athough I cannot really put a finger on why...

Now that baby is sleeping with my mum on weekdays, I'm starting to realign my body clock to normal working hours. Having gotten used to waking at 2am, 5am and starting the day from 10am, it was quite a burden on my body to wake up at 7am for the interview last week. But this morning I found it easier to wake early and hopefully I will be wide awake by next Monday. Thinking of adding a 10min run in the gym + shower every morning to my routine but not sure if I should start on the first day of work or take it slowly... hmm... or after work?

Still waiting for them to call me up... employment contract still not signed... !!!


Anonymous said...

I wonder if socio-economic systems should generate less pain? Are Scandinavians more successful? Are they possible role models?

WhiteDusk said...

Indeed the Scandinavians are worth looking into... big house, multi-generations, free schooling, great healthcare~ the problem is recreating it in other parts of the world.

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