Sunday, October 2, 2011

Grateful for whatever we have~

Starting work tomorrow. Of 3 possibilities this is probably the lowest paid, with lower benefits but will give me the most time with my family. No regrets? Initially plenty of regrets. Especially when the difference can be up to 50% more. But I did my sums and decided that the price for that 30-50% extra will be time away from my family. I've been away for too long and now I do not wish to be an invisible father, husband nor son.

And then today my friend K invited me to this funbowl event at Tampines Safra. Let's just say his life has been filled with hurdles and I'm quite embarrassed to say I know so little of his family after knowing him for 18 years. One can give up in the face of life's many obstacles or fight on. I think K has been fighting really hard for a really long time. Again something to put my life into perspective and not brood so much about the money. At the end of the day its still a comfortable package, even more comfortable than my last in HK and I don't even have to pay so much income tax and property rental here.

Be happy be contented be thankful. Money will come with hardwork.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, on your new job, happy family & progress with apps. Have you seen Warren Buffett on youtube? You might enjoy his wisdom -- he is inspirational.

Nomad said...

so how has work been? great choice in choosing family over $:) That my fren, is a wise and long term investment

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