Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lessons from my friends in Bangkok

Before I write about how my new job is like (basically sux), I would like to tell of what my wife experienced in her time in Bangkok recently. Most of you should know that Thailand is in danger of being overrun by flood water from Chao Praya and some other rivers due to the rain that's been hitting them hard over the past few weeks and months.

During her time there she was amazed by how so many Thai workers managed to retain their smile, keep on working and bravely fought on, even though their own homes were meters under water. They could have requested to go home early and no one would have rejected, yet they continued to work. The amazing thing was how they managed to retain their smile. My wife has since returned from Bangkok safe and sound in case any of you are worried.

If we were in their situation how would we have reacted? I would have been worried sick about my baby boy. I would have gone crazy if all my electronic gadgets had gone under the water. And then the damage to my property. Wow... seriously I cannot imagine any of those things happening, yet it has happened to so many Thai people (in fact, quite a few I know personally). Amazing thing is they can keep on smiling...

So now I go back to my job. Does it suck? Yes it sucks big time being embroiled in such a sticky political situation. I'm actually seriously giving thought to another job opportunity in Japan which will pay up to twice as much and might have housing thrown in as well. With that kind of package I can jolly well move the entire family.

But after learning of the events in Bangkok (seriously I was so busy in recent weeks I had no idea how dire the situation in Bangkok had become over the past weeks), I guess it is important that we appreciate what we have and try to let go of material things in life. If something doesn't kill you then it should be quite fine.

Just smile and walk on~


Flora said...

Sorry to hear your new work isn't going so well. Hope things turn up.

I always tell myself, "things could always be worse."

WhiteDusk said...

Hi Flora, thanks for the encouragement. Work isn't all that bad. And in a sick way, I'm actually enjoying every moment of it because life is about experiencing very different sensations and stuffs like that.

Right now I've been given a bomb of a project with little orientation into my new post. And a lot of negativity within the organization about this project. So if I do pull this particular project off I will be very proud of myself~

And you are correct, things could be worse~ A second job with a higher pay may have put me in harm's way somewhere in Bangkok~ We always tend to think about the good things we are missing out but we forget about the bad things which may occur as well if we chose the other path~

Anonymous said...

what sort of project is it, if you don't mind my curiosity?! Software engineering?

WhiteDusk said...

Hi Anon,

Its M&A + Relocation! LOL~
Crazy combination~

Anonymous said...

Gosh -- that sounds like a "rocket science" project... totally incomprehensible. But here is wishing you every success & good luck with it.

Nomad said... dept was involved in relocation and M&A previously (in IT)...tough man...not envying u but I believe u can pull it off.. when the going get tough, the tough get going!!...

Nomad said...

another motto in my life..."what doesnt kill u makes u stronger" works like a charm every time:) lol

WhiteDusk said...

Thanks for the encouragement Nomad!~

It's definitely an eye-opener for me because I get to see the clear differences between 2 companies' culture and attitude towards the merger.

No matter the outcome I'm already really proud of what I've done thus far. Nothing moved since April but I'm on my way to pulling this thing off in 2 months! Not that I have a say in how much time I have!!! LOL~

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