Thursday, October 27, 2011

Work-life-job balance

Whenever we talk about work-life balance its mostly about how much time we devote to work vs play/family. A company with a poor work-life balance may not pay well nor may it pay badly either. Rather it is how much time it gives its employees to spend on non-work activities. At this point of time I'd like to say my work-life balance is pretty average with 9-6 hours with hardly any overtime at all except for 1 or 2 sessions of 11pm online meeting with my CIO who is based overseas.

But I realise there is more to work than work-life balance (although the original reason why I chose this job was because I felt this job would have given me more time with the family). There is another delicate balance of needs which revolves around remuneration, job satisfaction and personal time. And more often than not we are forced to choose 2 of the 3.

A job with a good remuneration package and job satisfaction usually means less time with the family. Another job with a good remuneration and time with family means little job satisfaction. Great job satisfaction and lots of time with family means poor remuneration. It will be fantastic if one can find a job which ticks all 3 boxes. It will be sad if one is stuck in a job which ticks only 1 or none at all!

Presently I will rate my job as 1.5/3. Good family time (1 point), slightly disappointing package (not that poor but i'd give it 0.4 pt) and very little job satisfaction (0.1 pt....). It is not 2 but it is not 1 either. So I'm really on the wall as to whether I should just leave or hope things will improve dramatically afterwards with M&A into a giant corporation ongoing. Honestly speaking if the work culture here remains the same then its going to be really tough going home with a disappointing pay package, no? I am of the thinking that if I must put up with shit then I ought to be paid WAY better than shit.

The only thing holding me back from quitting now is the desire to myself pull through a project I've been tasked with (Relocation in 8 weeks??? Really?!?!). And also the fear that the next job, while it will tick the box on the remuneration criteria, will fall short badly on the personal time and job satisfaction requirements!

So which boxes are you ticking at your role in the office these days?

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