Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Finally some time for blogging...

This M&A and relocation project really took the life out of me... I know its bad to let your family time and stuffs get affected by the drain inflicted by work but when so much is at stake for many of the workers and management here...

Anyway the move is happening right now and the ERP servers arrived pretty much intact. Will run through the services once they are here. The IP will swing over from the old site in the morning and if nothing goes terribly wrong all services should be back to normalcy by noon (which is 10 hours away) Expect very little sleep to be available to me but sleep is the least of my concerns now. I just want it to happen with as little drama as possible, see some daylight on Sunday and slap the bitches out of the ppl who predicted I will fail when I first stepped into this company.

Not that it matters to be how people look at me from now on because I've decided to move on~ I would have left much earlier but then again I don't want to be looked upon as a coward. So I took them on, face whatever shit that came my way, and once this crazy project is finished I will seek greener pastures~

But one good thing that came up from all these nonsense is the number of good restaurants I've tried over the past few weeks! Maeda Japanese restaurant along Joo Chiat Road and a Korean BBQ buffet at Katong Village. Going to try more highly recommended restaurants. I think when we work hard we need to pamper ourselves. I really pity those people who work hard earn alot yet cannot bring themselves to spend money. I used to be such a person.... then my wife changed me! LOL~

Anyway, 35 hours until users come back into the office~ Good luck to me~~~

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