Monday, March 12, 2012

Baby J's 1st Birthday~

We had a 1st birthday party by the poolside for our dear J recently. Much preparation and resources went into the organization of this party. Mummy went about finding the perfect birthday cake and catering. We also went to get candies etc for goodies bags which comes with an Angry Birds puzzle! She even went to buy toys for the kids that she knows!!!

Goodie Bags for kids!
 Honestly I didn't get involved much except for toy shopping~ Bought this cute little elephant toy which would blow balls up from its trunk when you press a button. It's one of J's fave toys now~

This is what I got for my dear son~ His fave toy now!
Since we wanted to make his 1st birthday a nice and memorable one, we went ahead to decorate the place with banners and balloons~ It was great family time doing these things together~ Also showed my many inadequacies like not able to blow a balloon or cut paper out very well... But I still helped with printing out photos of J in a very tasteful way~ much like a film reel if you can see from the picture below~

Home-made banner! A few of us came up with this in one night!
Balloons from Parkway Parade~
Balloons all around the poolside~
But the star of the show must be 2 things. Firstly, definitely my son who charmed everyone with his many antics~ Secondly it gotta be the cake which my wife found for all of us~ The cake, from Cake Avenue, was the 2nd star of the event! Fondant on the outside and lovely chocolate fudge cake on the inside~

3-tier cake with a replica of our dog, J's best friend!
And J's biggest reward must be the number of toys he received! And in the Singapore context there were no misers around! Each guest either came with a big ang pow or a big present! All nice to have but their presence to witness my son's growth is the most important~

Toys galore for the little prince~
The next time I'm going to hold a birthday party for him will probably be 16 or 18 or 21!~ 

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