Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A BMW in Singapore

After buying the BMW 125i less than a year ago I've become a fan of the German car-maker. Ever so often I will initiate a drive down to BMW Premium Selection for a look of the newly arrived 2nd hand cars. A few months ago the missus went to test out the 520iA but didn't buy the car. And a few weeks ago we went to the preview of the latest 3-series at the BMW showroom @ Alexandra Road. Boy were those cars gorgeous!

Till this day we've contemplated the 325i convertible, the X5, the X6, the 520iA, 523i and the 328i.  With the spiraling COE prices we will need to fork upwards of $200,000 for a new car and $150,000 upwards for a 2-3 year old pre-owned car. Considering COEs last for 10 years, that's like $20,000/year or $2,000 a month! For some people that's their entire month's pay cheque while for others like me its still a significant chunk. 

But why oh why do we have to get another vehicle when my office is 7 bus-stops away, and provides free shuttle service from the nearby MRT station which is only 10 minutes'walk away from my house? I stayed in HK for 5.5 years and only had a car for 1 year. Honestly speaking, for all of the conveniences of public transport there in HK, nothing beats driving all over Kowloon and Hong Kong Island on my trusty VW Beetle Cabriolet~ 

Likewise in Singapore. The place where I work is a desert when it comes to lunchtime venues. But with a car I can get to my favourite western food stall in Lorong Ah Soo, or Roti Prata near my house, or even the big prawn noodle at Old Airport Road! And when you have dogs, kids, and a little baby, a car is a very useful travelling tool. 

As of now we've given up on a new car like how we've given up on a new place. Prices are just going up like there's no tomorrow. The cost of things are rising so fast... Perhaps the price of COEs will come down within the next 2 years. I sure hope it will because the COE of my Mazda will run out in 2014!

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